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One cover does it all.

The main difference between Suit’d ® Suits covers and electronic devices (powerplugs and lightknobs) is that our products cover the whole synthetic device except the functional part. Once placed done in just two minutes you experience a total new view but it still works as before and as it was meant to be. Our essence is simple: It’s a method for making the standard synthetic build in electrical systems much more appealing.

Suit’d ® Suits covers are standard made from ceramics. Available in: Non glazed ceramics (very easy to repaint), color glazings, transferized artworks, or genuine hand painted Delft Blue by Dutch artisans.

Design your walls.

Our standard models (a single and a double cover) are made for three options: To cover build in power outlets, light dimmers and light turning knobs. Applicable on plugs from Type C, E, F used in 140 countries (Europe, Northern Africa, Middle-East, Asia).

Customers can buy extra spare electronic parts to apply with Suit’d ® Suits, at our webshop. Companies can contact us at for quotations for projects or other business related requests.

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In 2014 we were in Dubai (UAE) to attend at The Big 5 construction fair. Read our story.



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